Marketing Cloud od společnosti Oracle přináší jediné plně integrované řešení pro digitální a sociální marketing, všechny digitální interakce je možné spravovat z jedné platformy.

Nové spojení mezi Oracle Eloqua a Oracle Social Relationship Management nabízí nejlepší funkce pro moderní marketéry: profilování, analýzy, tracking, cílení a uveřejnění. (TZ)

News Summary

Managing digital marketing and social efforts separately make it difficult for marketers to deliver a compelling and consistent experience at every touch point. To address this challenge, Oracle Marketing Cloud today announced further integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive, scalable and integrated modern marketing solution. The enhanced profiling, social analytics, tracking, publishing and custom targeting capabilities will help modern marketers better understand, target, engage, convert and analyze target audiences.

News Facts

  • Further enhancing the industry’s most complete digital marketing solution, Oracle Marketing Cloud today announced new integrations between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) that will enable modern marketers to manage their digital interactions from a single platform, helping to reduce complexity and improve marketing effectiveness.
  • The enhanced social analytics, tracking, publishing and custom targeting capabilities will help modern marketers understand, analyze and engage with target audiences to deliver higher quality leads more efficiently.
  • Oracle Eloqua’s platform provides marketers with a way to target and segment the right

audiences, nurture and score leads to improve lead generation, execute global marketing campaigns, and track and manage campaign performance, including revenue growth.

  • Oracle SRM delivers a complete, unified and integrated social business solution, providing publishing, workflow, analytics, listening, monitoring and collaboration capabilities all from an easy-to-navigate interface.

Comprehensive Marketing and Social Capabilities for Modern Marketers

  • Oracle Eloqua, integrated with Oracle SRM, delivers the industry’s only complete digital marketing solution giving users a holistic view of their target audiences’ entire digital footprint.
  • Building on the integration of social content pages, the latest integration between Oracle Eloqua and Oracle SRM now includes the following:
    • More advanced digital body language for social: Dynamic social link tracking technology, with third-party analytics, allows marketers to track, understand and analyze social interactions at scale. With these insights, marketers can track and assess the value of their networks’ network (Social Graph) to assist in lead generation and pipeline development, as well as enhance and build the “social” part of their audiences’ digital marketing profiles.
    • Campaign ID integration: Gives marketers true cross-channel campaign management and analytics by enabling Oracle Eloqua campaign content to be tagged, tracked and analyzed across social channels.
    • Enhanced social content promotion: “Smart CAP” (Smart Create a Post) capabilities enable marketers to quickly promote online and offline content with one-click publishing automation. Content can be distributed to social channels including Facebook, Google+ and YouTube allowing marketers to efficiently and effectively message and target social channels.
    • Custom audience creation: Allows marketers to target the right audience on social with relevant and timely content by creating scalable, real-time and hyper-targeted campaigns. All groups are dynamically maintained in near real-time allowing for ongoing campaign development.
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Supporting Quotes

  • “To deliver a consistent and compelling customer experience across all touch points, marketers need a complete digital marketing solution that can track, understand and analyze marketing and social interactions at scale,” said Meg Bear, Group Vice President of Oracle Cloud Social Platform. “By delivering a seamless integration between Oracle Social Relationship Management and Oracle Eloqua, Oracle Marketing Cloud is marrying the best of social with the best of digital marketing automation.”
  • “The social and marketing integrations deliver powerful new social analytics, tracking, publishing and customer targeting capabilities that drive efficiencies and help marketers maximize the performance of their campaigns,” said John Stetic, VP of Oracle Eloqua Products.
  • “Organizations looking for a comprehensive digital marketing platform should take a close look at the work Oracle has done to integrate Oracle Social Relationship Management suite with Oracle Eloqua,” said Mary Wardley, Vice President, Enterprise Applications and CRM Software, IDC.

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