Intel XDK poskytuje nové nástroje a služby vývojářům her v HTML5

Společnosti Intel  představila novou verzi Intel® XDK. Aktuální verze poskytne nové nástroje a služby vývojářům her v HTML5. Zprávu naleznete v anglickém jazyce níže, nebo v tiskovém centru. V příloze naleznete bližší technické údaje. (TZ)

Chip Shot: Intel® XDK Provides New Game Tools and Services for HTML5 Developers

To accelerate the deployment of new mobile games across an increasingly diverse spectrum of devices, Intel today released the latest Intel® XDK, an all-in-one HTML5 development environment that allows game developers to write a single app and automatically build versions for Android, iOS, and Windows app stores. Intel® XDK gives gamers the ability to enjoy the same experiences across their PCs, phones, and tablets, and lets developers focus on creating new experiences instead of porting games to different platforms. This version adds popular game engine support for Construct2Cocos2DPhaserEaselJS part of CreateJS suite of libraries, and Pixi.js; includes an Asset Manager to access, manipulate, and manage game assets; plus the W3C Gamepad API for devices; and supports Google Play Game Services and Apple Game Center Services. Learn more here or download here.