Scott.Weber Workspace has opened timeless workspaces in the Praga Office & Garden building in Karlín

The newly opened Praga Office & Garden workspaces by Scott.Weber Workspace represent a flexible working environment for companies and independent professionals. Located in the heart of Karlín, the building reflects the industrial heritage of this district as well as the genius loci of the former Praga car assembly plant, which was previously housed in this location.Inspiration by the automotive industry is acknowledged also in the overall office layout solution, including the smallest furniture details.

Praga Office & Garden is an architecturally unique building with a strong history. Its design builds on the former industrial character of the district. The overall solution follows the original industrial style of the former Praga car assembly plant.  One example could be the workshop in which the cars used to be constructed. That is now transferred into the interior with a free layout creating the lounge zone, an ideal environment for creative meetings.

In Praga Office & Garden as well as in seven other attractive locations in Prague, Scott.Weber provides an inspiring and serviced work environment designed to fit the diverse requirements of their clients. They can use the privacy of modern offices as well as stylish coworking spaces such as Praga’s Sprint Lounge. Clients can also meet in representative meeting rooms and use event spaces equipped with the latest audiovisual technology. The modern podcast studio, which is exposed to the street on the ground floor in the Praga Office & Garden, is equipped with a complete technological suite for clients and external podcast hosts; high-quality microphones, a camera and equipment necessary for post-production.

Concrete, metal, stone, painted steel, brass details, cognac leather and terrazzo. The typical elements and characteristics of both the Praga brand cars and their workshops are reflected in the overall design and interior. The leather upholstery of car interiors with the classic quilted detail was, for example, an inspiration for the chairs and sofa covers.

“Whilst designing the building, it was important to work with visually interesting spaces on the ground floor for exposure to the street. At the same time, the key effort for us was to create spaces for undisturbed work and relaxation. Therefore, the rear part is visually separated by rotating panels and conceived as a “modern workshop”. The individual blocks of soft seating, intimate meeting space and the face-to-face seating is inspired by the authentic car upholstery and dominated by three colors referring to the typical Praga cars shell varnish,” said Ivo Kratochvíl, the architect of the interior design of common areas and meeting rooms.

„We have seen a growing demand for flexible serviced offices since the beginning of the year, and we are delighted that our clients will find a new representative background for their work in the Praga Office & Garden building in Karlín. We believe that the impressive architecture and industrial atmosphere of the building will support them in creativity, ”adds Adam Zvada, owner of Scott.Weber Workspace.

The Praga Office & Garden building is an ideal working environment with the possibility of being adapted to the specific needs of individuals and companies. Visitors and clients can enjoy a coffee prepared by a professional barista at the sunny Sprint Lounge café. The spacious private garden is an ideal background for business meetings and for recharging your batteries, as well as for hosting open air events. A natural calm oasis in the centre of busy Karlín is an ideal addition to the flexible offices. The garden also allows the option of barbecuing or relaxing with a game of ping pong. Clients are welcome to come up with other ideas in the game zone which is equipped, in the spirit of the entire project,  with a parked car which serves as a sofa.

About Scott.Weber Workspace

Scott.Weber Workspace was founded in 2009 and is the largest provider of flexible workplace rentals on the Prague market. It currently operates eight premium office centers in Prague, all of which boast innovative office solutions, modern design and technology, and above-standard client care. The company offers more than 2,500 workplaces on a total area of almost 19,000 m2.

Scott.Weber Workspace provides several solutions for a flexible office environment and the ability to tailor their service according to the clients’ individual needs. Whether the clients are independent professionals and start-ups often working in coworking spaces, smaller companies requiring serviced fully equipped offices or large corporations with hundreds of employees who use private floors or Office Suite solutions, Scott.Weber Workspace can cater to the needs of them all.