Nová karta MSI R6870 Hawk s revolučním chladičem Twin Frozr III

After having swept through the global market with the dominating N460GTX Hawk, MSI is proudly to present the R6870 Hawk graphics card. Equipped with the advanced Twin Frozr III thermal design, the all new R6870 Hawk is the world’s first graphics card to use Propeller Blade technology. When compared to traditional fans, the air flow is increased by 20%! This allows the GPU temperature to be up to 21 degrees lower.  Furthermore, it uses the 8+2 phase PWM design to provide the GPU with double power supply. The double power supply together with the triple overvoltage functions allows further evolution of the R6870 Hawk’s overclocking capability. The R6870 Hawk has the most perfect combination of cooling, power components, stability, and high performance found on a graphics card today. (tisková zpráva)