Oracle Exalytics T5-8 s analytickým chápáním pomáhá generovat nové zákazníky

In-Memory navržený systém pomáhá společnostem odpovědět na důležité obchodní otázky s bezkonkurenční rychlostí, rozsahem a inteligencí (TZ)

Oracle OpenWorld 2013, SAN FRANCISCO – September 24, 2013

News Summary

With the ever-increasing volume, scale and scope of business data, organizations need to quickly turn high-velocity data into actionable insights to gain a competitive edge. To extract the maximum value from this very dynamic data, organizations must process data faster and take timely action. Oracle Exalytics In-Memory MachineT5-8, the new engineered system with 4TB of memory per machine, delivers extreme performance for business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications, helping organizations drive better efficiency by speeding answers to complex business scenarios.

News Facts

  • Oracle today announced Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine T5-8, a breakthrough engineered system based on Oracle’s SPARC T5-8 server with 4TB of memory per machine to drive extreme performance for BI and EPM applications.
  • With enhanced storage and processing power, Oracle Exalytics T-5 supports massive server and application consolidation, while scaling to tens of thousands of users.
  • Built using industry-leading hardware, leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology, Oracle Exalytics T5-8 is specifically designed to deliver the best speed-of thought analytical in-memory performance for customers wanting to consolidate multiple analytic applications on a single platform.
  • The new Oracle Exalytics T5-8 system features an eight-way SPARC T5-8 server running Oracle Solaris.
  • Oracle Exalytics T5-8 features 4TB of main memory with 1TB per second memory bandwidth, 3.2 TB of flash storage, 7.2 TB of hard disk, 128 CPU cores and 1024 hardware threads providing unprecedented concurrency in a single analytic server. The engineered system also supports 256GB per second I/O bandwidth over which multiple high-speed networking 10G, InfiniBand and storage interfaces for Oracle’s ZFS Storage Appliances, including the recently announced world-record setting ZS3 Series or Pillar Axiom SAN storage.

New SPARC- Based Engineered System Drives Extreme Performance for BI and EPM

  • By extending the power of Oracle Exalytics, Oracle helps organizations achieve rapid data-driven insights in a streamlined IT environment. The new engineered system supports:
    • Enhanced Reporting, Planning and Analysis: With support for the widest range of reporting, planning, and analysis capabilities on a single, integrated system, organizations can run both analysis and planning applications on a single server while maintaining the high speed and calculation power derived from in-memory technology. The ability to manage data with a single, centralized model establishes consistency and alignment across the enterprise. Multiple lines of businesses can work from a single configuration, eliminating the complexity of running multiple applications from disparate data sources. Oracle Exalytics T5-8 provides unprecedented CPU efficiency by supporting more than 8000 Oracle BI users per SPARC T5 processor. Loaded with both BI and financial planning workloads, Oracle ExalyticsT5-8 is able to support 25,000 business intelligence users and 2,000 planning users concurrently on a single machine, with room to spare.
    • Increased Resource Efficiency: Designed from ground up to be a consolidation platform for business analytics, Oracle Exalytics T5-8 features Oracle’s zero-overhead virtualization technologies that enable full resource isolation spanning storage, memory and processing power without compromising performance. Oracle Solaris Zones enables extremely fine-grained resource isolation to provide dedicated resources for individual analytic application running on Oracle Exalytics. Oracle Exalytics T5-8 is delivered in pre-tested virtualization configurations, optimized for consolidating Oracle Business Analytics workloads. In addition, the built-in ZFS file system supports ZFS snapshot capability that provides instant backups and data restore. Oracle Exalytics also provides comprehensive management capabilities through Oracle Enterprise Manager.
    • Real-Time Forecasting: Greater planning capabilities with Oracle Essbase provide instantaneous what-if analysis and scenario modeling. With 3.2 TB of flash storage, Oracle Exalytics T5-8 provides organizations more dynamic forecasts through faster calculations over more detailed data, to deliver real-time, data-driven answers to organizations’ most pressing questions.
    • Industry-Leading Business Intelligence: Oracle Exalytics T5-8 runs Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, the most comprehensive platform for business intelligence, including enterprise reporting, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, multi-dimensional OLAP, scorecards and predictive analytics on an integrated platform. Oracle Exalytics users can access unlimited amounts of data unconstrained by in-memory capacity because Oracle Business Intelligence software automatically and transparently manages queries across the Oracle Exalytics in-memory cache and all underlying data sources, such as data warehouses and Hadoop.
    • Greater Mobility: Oracle Exalytics T5-8 works seamlessly with Oracle’s leading mobile analytics solution, Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile, with no additional development required. The performance acceleration and scalability of Oracle Exalytics is ideal for large mobile deployments, and users can enjoy enhanced gestural interactivity and access to all visualization capabilities. End-users will have near instantaneous responses on mobile devices, optimizing productivity while away from the office.
    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Oracle Exalytics T5-8 can lower customers overall lower total cost of ownership via massive application and server consolidation for a more efficient use of resources to meet workload requirements. Oracle Exalytics integrates seamlessly with other Oracle Engineered Systems, including Oracle ExadataOracle SuperClusterOracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Big Data Appliance.
    • Oracle Exalytics T5-8 will be available in addition to the Oracle Exalytics X3-4 hardware configurations going forward.
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  • “Data provides the critical competitive advantage, but only for those who are able to uncover business insights in a timely manner,” said Paul Rodwick, vice president of product management, Oracle. “Oracle Exalytics T5-8 enables organizations to quickly garner powerful insights into their data, allowing them to make smarter decisions, faster. Achieving extreme performance delivered by integrating end-to-end engineered hardware and software, customers can focus on achieving their strategic business objectives, rather than worrying about maintaining complex and cumbersome data center operations.”

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