Updated maps of Poland and Belarus for Navitel Navigator

NAVITEL® releases map updates for Poland and Belarus, which include new road sections, detour routes and other essential navigational information.


The latest release includes updated street and road network, speedcams database and newly digitized map segments. The following road network sections have been added on the map of the Poland:

  • Part of the S51 expressway: from Olsztynek to Olsztyna detour route (obwodnicy Olsztyna);
  • Parts of the S8 national road (Żabia Wola-Nadarzyn);
  • S3 express road (Zielona Góra-Bolków);
  • Parts of the S7 highway (E77 European route): next to Rabka-Zdrój, from Koszwały to Elbląg, a 10 km segment from Checiny to Brzegi.

The latest map has also been complemented with navigationally important detour routes:

  • Olsztyna detour route (Obwodnicy Olsztyna) with junctions around it;
  • Czarnowąsów detour route (Obwodnica Czarnowąsów);
  • Bolesławiec detour route;
  • Miechow detour route.

Speed cameras database has been updated according to the official sources. Conditional speeding restrictions based on time and date are kept up-to-date.

The map contains 725 697 km of road graph, 267 870 POI, 95 313 cities and settlements, 55 062 of which are provided with the detailed street network and support address search.


In the latest map of Belarus the address database was updated and supplemented with network structures and chain stores. New POIs of pharmacies, clothing shops and cafes, jewellery stores and book shops, as well as auto parts stores have been added to the map.

The road graph of the country and its navigational information has been checked and kept in a current state.

The map of Belarus contains 27 410 cities and settlements, 25 212 of which include address search. The map contains 67 557 POI. Total length of the road graph is 288 349 km.

Each map includes residential and industrial infrastructure of cities and settlements with address search and detailed road network with traffic direction, interchanges, roundabouts, and other relevant navigation information.

Users can download the updated maps of Poland and Belarus for smartphones and tablets via Navitel Navigator application from the main menu of the app (My Navitel Download maps). To update the map on GPS navigation devices based on Windows CE we recommend using Navitel Navigator Update Center.

Important! Please note that the maps of the Q3 2018 release work with Navitel Navigator version 9.10.1996 onwards.